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Hanger products are the leading company in the export of suspended ceilings, rockwool, gypsum board, metal ceiling products

Our products hanger products or hanging rods, such as plasterboard suspended ceilings, rockwool suspended ceilings, metal suspended ceilings, honeycomb suspended ceilings; ceiling and suspended ceiling systems.

Information on Suspended Ceiling Hanger Products

Suspension brackets are used to form the floor before the suspended ceiling is connected to the normal ceiling surface. These are mounted on the ceiling with the help of the plugs and a strong holding substructure is formed. Hinges mounted on it provide perforated profiles and transfer of suspended ceiling materials to the placement process. Gypsum board materials are secured from the lower parts of the hanger apparatus and the integrity of the ceiling is provided by the coating material by means of the hanger apparatus.

Preferred methods of suspended ceilings

The quality and proper use of the materials used in the construction of suspended ceilings are factors determining the lifetime of the ceiling. Types of suspended ceiling hanger products used in the construction of suspended ceilings and types of slabs are the group of materials that determine the name of the suspended ceilings. Mounting devices without visible sight when viewed from the outside; The ceiling used is the most important role in the construction of the ceiling acoustics. The most useful and easy to use under construction is the type of suspended ceilings type gypsum board suspended ceiling. In terms of visual beauty exhibitions, decorative suspended ceilings are the most preferred method.

What are suspended ceiling drywall products?

When creating a suspended ceiling, it is aimed to provide a decorative visuality. Next, it is aimed to create a robust system. In doing so, first of all the product group should be made of high quality materials. It should not be changed in color for a long time and should not be affected immediately by contact with water. Most importantly used as accessories;

  • Agraf materials
  • Anchor clip for suspended ceiling mounting
  • Stainless steel suspended ceiling anchor.
  • Plugs for fixing other hanger apparatuses to the wall
  • Easy stainless chipboard screws with steel
  • Single hole hangers for fixing drywall materials
  • Double hole hangers used for fixing plasterboard plates
  • Hooks for fixing rock wool ceiling materials used as suspended ceiling products
  • Round hanging straps that secure hanging ceiling products
  • Types of profiles that ensure a solid integrity of suspended ceiling products
  • Attachment parts to assemble suspended ceiling profiles and make up corners

It is selected from the highest quality material. Among the suspended ceiling types, the most commonly used type of plasterboard suspended ceilings brings convenience for both installation and use.

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