Wire with Round Bend

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2202 20 cm 100 Pcs
2203 30 cm 100 Pcs
2204 40 cm 100 Pcs
2205 50 cm 100 Pcs
2206 60 cm 100 Pcs
2207 70 cm 100 Pcs
2208 80 cm 100 Pcs
2209 90 cm 100 Pcs
2210 100 cm 100 Pcs
2212 120 cm 100 Pcs
2214 140 cm 100 Pcs
2215 150 cm 100 Pcs
2220 200 cm 100 Pcs
2230 300 cm 100 Pcs

Wire with round bend is the twist apparatus which determines how low the suspended ceiling will be from the surface carrier ceiling, and is attach to the plasterboard profiles by the hanger liner.

Firstly wire with round bend suspended ceiling height wire is produce with low carbon wires. It is also produce by electrolytically coating zinc ions on the surfaces of high-carbon bright wires.

Secondly the zinc plating ratio on the surface (10–20 g / m2) varies.

Round hanger wire is the twisting apparatus that determines how low the suspended ceiling section will be from the surface bearing ceiling and is connect to the ceiling section with an anchor and to the drywall profiles with the help of a hanger. Suspended ceiling hanger wire steel wire provides the main support inside the suspended ceiling section. The installation of the support wires for the suspended ceiling is very important in the installation of the suspended ceiling. Suspended ceiling suspension wire is important for ceiling tile and light. It is use to carry a significant amount of weight. It is very important to make the cable and connector used in the project. Suspension wire forms the most important parts of drywall works. Therefore, it is very important to choose a solid product.

Suspended Ceiling Wire Sizes

There are various sizes use for suspended ceiling suspension wire. It has dimensions such as 20 cm suspended ceiling wire, 30 cm suspended ceiling wire; 40 cm suspended ceiling wire, 50 and 60 cm suspended ceiling wire. It is also available according to the size that the customer will use in the project.

Round Hanger Wire

Round hanger wire is produce by coating zinc ions on the surface part of low carbon wires and high carbon bright wires with twisted wire height. Zinc coating rate on the surface varies between 10-20 gr. Round hanger wire features include annealed galvanized wire diameter of 4 mm; and the use of metal to support drywall structures. Ceiling suspensions, also preferred to support suspended ceiling seals. For the bases, while double spring is being attach; it is directly connect to the holes and to the ceiling with a clip steel anchor.

Drywall Hanger Apparatus

The hanger bar functions as a carrier for suspended ceilings during hanging from the ceiling; such as drywall suspended ceilings, metal suspended ceilings and honeycomb suspended ceilings. The suspension bar is use to make the floor before the suspended ceiling is join to the normal ceiling surface part. Mounting on the ceiling is done with dowels and a part of the infrastructure is created thanks to a holder. On the other hand, the hanging apparatus mounted on the upper part makes the placement of the suspended profiles with suspended ceiling materials.

Thanks to the hanging apparatus, the integrity of the ceiling is ensure by the covering material by holding it well at the bottom of the suspension apparatus. The quality and proper use of the materials used for the construction of suspended ceilings determine the long-term use of the ceiling. The types of suspended ceiling materials; and boards used for the construction of suspended ceilings determine the type of suspended ceilings. Suspension apparatuses are mount in such a way that they cannot seen when viewed from the outside; and the ceiling covering material used plays the most important part of the ceiling acoustics. A decorative visual is provided when creating a suspended ceiling.

Hanger Wire Systems

It is create in a robust system. It is very important that it does not change in terms of color for a long time; and has properties that are not affect when it comes into contact with water. For the most important accessory, choice of agraf material, anchor clip use for suspended ceiling; single hole hanger for fixing drywall materials, profile types to provide suspended ceiling products more securely, round suspension wires used to fix suspended ceiling products are prefer. It is very important to choose the highest quality materials.

The types of suspended ceilings that are most use in the suspended ceiling types that are mount provide convenience both in terms of installation and usage. For this reason, it is also beneficial to act very carefully in the elections.

Features and Application

Annealed galvanized wire diameter 4 mm.

So it is a metal accessory used to support drywall structures.

It shall be use for suspension of ceiling sections to support various suspended ceiling seals.

The soles are attach to the supports with the spring. It is connect directly to the ceiling by means of a steel anchor.

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