Wire with Round Bend

Order Code Product Type Package Quantity
2202 20 cm 100 Pcs
2203 30 cm 100 Pcs
2204 40 cm 100 Pcs
2205 50 cm 100 Pcs
2206 60 cm 100 Pcs
2207 70 cm 100 Pcs
2208 80 cm 100 Pcs
2209 90 cm 100 Pcs
2210 100 cm 100 Pcs
2212 120 cm 100 Pcs
2214 140 cm 100 Pcs
2215 150 cm 100 Pcs
2220 200 cm 100 Pcs
2230 300 cm 100 Pcs


Wire with round bend is the twist apparatus which determines how low the suspended ceiling will be from the surface carrier ceiling, and is attach to the plasterboard profiles by the hanger liner.

Firstly wire with round bend suspended ceiling height wire is produce with low carbon wires. It is also produce by electrolytically coating zinc ions on the surfaces of high-carbon bright wires.

Secondly the zinc plating ratio on the surface (10–20 g / m2) varies.

Features and Application

Annealed galvanized wire diameter 4 mm.

So it is a metal accessory used to support drywall structures.

It shall be use for suspension of ceiling sections to support various suspended ceiling seals.

The soles are attach to the supports with the spring. It is connect directly to the ceiling by means of a steel anchor.

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