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Fire Control

Acoustic sealant acrylic materials use for fire control. Before aiming to ensure compliance with fire regulations, products are intended to protect human health. Fire control, acoustic sealant acrylic materials; in the buildings, from the spaces of the installations, from the carriage sections of the facades between the building floor and the façade; from the shaft […]

Insulation Tapes

Insulation tapes, suspended ceilings and gypsum plasterboard sector is very important in the insulation tape products. Sound insulation materials are produced, sold and exported by us. Sound insulation and insulation tapes are the most important issues today. Especially the noise of apartment buildings interferes with the private lives of families. In addition, the sound of […]

Noise Control

Our company has started its activities by making noise control materials, products, selling and exporting in suspended ceilings in the noise control sector. Noise control materials come to the fore as a factor or product that prevents noise in all buildings, especially in the suspended ceilings of shops workplaces. Particularly, there is a high volume […]

Acoustic Fasteners

Leading company in the export of acoustic fasteners and coupling materials, products, elements. An organization specializing in acoustic fasteners, products, materials. As Proaks Metal we are in the category of connection products in our factory; wall carriers, ceiling carriers. Basic features of acoustic fittings Today, new materials and new techniques are continuously produce for the […]

Panel Fence Systems

Our company panel fence system accessories in 2007 in Istanbul Turkey in the metal sector, has started its operations by selling and export. Proaks panel fence accessories specifications, dimensions, price? In practical solution used garden panel fence are important in Turkey. Garden integrity, design, layout, differences, areas of use are important. Usually areas where panel […]

Roof Connection Products

Our company is a company specializing in the production of clasps, saddles, materials quality and prices for roof connection products, materials, elements, metal clamped roofs for the products. Roof connection materials are products use in all spaces. It is use in roof-related products, elements, homes, offices, companies, artisans, shops. Roofs; There are 5 types of […]

Facade Systems

Our company entered the facade systems sector in 2018 with new technology. Aluminum facades, exterior facade system and composite panel accessories in the sector have started to see their deficiencies. We want you to have information about the usage details of the materials we produce and sales, the installation phase and the product guarantees. The […]

Drywall Profile

Our company has started its activities by producing the export of drywall profile, detail fuga profiles, suspended ceilings, gypsum board products, rock wool sectors.

Screw Plug

Our company screw plug in 2007 in Istanbul Turkey in the metal industry, screws and screw anchors set production, it has started its operations by selling and export.

Hanger Products

Hanger products are the leading company in the export of suspended ceilings, rockwool, gypsum board, metal ceiling products.




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