Insulation Tapes

Insulation tapes, suspended ceilings and gypsum plasterboard sector is very important in the insulation tape products. Sound insulation materials are produced, sold and exported by us.

Sound insulation and insulation tapes are the most important issues today. Especially the noise of apartment buildings interferes with the private lives of families. In addition, the sound of the circles between each other in the environment television, music and many more voices can move to other apartments. Considering all these qualities, the need for insulation materials is one of the main features. In this sense, the products produced and produced for sound insulation are called sound insulation materials.

İzolasyon Bantları Bandı

Thanks to the insulation tape products offered by these insulation materials; it is aimed to create a completely noise-free and insulated acoustic environment by preventing the mixing of sounds.

Insulation Tapes Dimensions

Insulation tapes are produced in certain criteria and sold in the sense of forming one of the insulation materials. These products are mainly manufactured from 10 mm to 1000 mm for various needs. It shows a very important product feature in order to complete their production with the attention-bearing elements. Again, all of these products continue to provide features because of the high quality materials and techniques are used. These materials used in the acoustic environment is very important to ensure the creation of insulation activities in a highly insulated way.

Provides Insulation Prevents Contact

As one of the properties provided by the insulation tape as a sound insulation material, it prevents the contact outside of providing insulation. The direct prevention of the theme is one of the main features that distinguishes it from the others and it has its outstanding elements. All these elements clearly show that; they have a completely different feature when considering the specific characteristics that prevent contact and provide insulation.

Insulation tapes are generally one of the main insulation materials which are produced with 5 cm x 10 m dimensions for sound insulation. These aspects are remarkable in terms of isolation and reflecting the quality of sound insulation features are remarkable aspects. All these remarkable aspects are considered together with the main aspects; they are very important in terms of revealing how qualified they are.