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Fire Control

Acoustic sealant acrylic materials use for fire control. Before aiming to ensure compliance with fire regulations, products are intended to protect human health.

Fire control, acoustic sealant acrylic materials; in the buildings, from the spaces of the installations, from the carriage sections of the facades between the building floor and the façade; from the shaft holes and the remaining voids, the flame and smoke emitted during the fire.

The hot gas rises slowly. Moving quickly between the floors and from the room to the room, our safety is at risk. The closure of the shaft cavities with products with little or no heat conduct is a requirement of the fire regulation.

Fire Control Acoustic Mastic Acrylic Sealant
Fire Control Acoustic Mastic Acrylic Sealant

Passive fire breaker acrylic sealant Fire Break. Tested in accordance with European standards. Subject to the detail of the application is a fire resistant acrylic mastic up to 3-4 hours. Fire Break, which stops passive fires, is use in fire insulation details as a passive fire stop feature.

Measures to be take to ensure fire control in buildings and all living areas are clearly specified in fire prevention regulations. In accordance with the principles of this regulation, fire prevention is one of the measures take within the scope of fire prevention works in buildings. Acoustic mastic acrylic materials used to ensure this are closing the gaps between the wall and the suspended ceiling. So that it initiates the fire control. Also used are acoustic sealant acrylic materials; It prevents the passage of gas by closing the holes that occur during the passage of the holes and installations in the floorings.

Acoustic Mastic Acrylic Materials Fire Control

It specifies how to use the most suitable materials for fire prevention and fire prevention in the fire regulations. Acoustic acrylic sealants, which support the best fit of these measures; It provides the best service for the purpose of fire blocking by closing the wall tiles in all structures. It also acts as a fire barrier in the ceiling joint joints.

In fire regulations, the use of such products which are fire-resistant fire-stop devices has been impose. Acoustic mastic acrylic materials used; It also provides support for the solutions that prevent the risks of explosion by preventing smoke leakage or gas leakage.

What are the features of Acoustic Acrylic Sealants?

  • It is an economic fire prevention device.
  • It is preventive of the spread of toxicity and smoke.
  • Prevents gas leakage.
  • This type of fire-resistant materials are used in suspended ceilings and joints to prevent explosion and breakage in case of fire.
  • It does not sag and flow based on the heat generated during the fire.
  • It can be clean by washing with water after the fire.
  • It does not lose its resistance against fire due to its resistance against the chemical effect of the paint applied on it.

Acoustic Mastic Acrylic Fire Control Materials, Products Usage Areas

  • Suspended ceiling between rock wool and drywall plates.
  • Metal or PVC-shaped plumbing gaps.
  • The apertures formed in the membrane partition passages.
  • Suspended ceiling during joining to wall and ceiling joints.
  • Wall joining areas with wall during sheathing.
  • Joints of wall ceiling joints.



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