Lamel 85 Hanger

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2504 Lamel 85 Hanger 500 Pcs

Lamel 85 hanger is use for fixing c profile material to ceiling in plasterboard suspended ceiling application. It is also the connecting element between the suspension bar and the ceiling c.

Firstly lamel 85 hanger is Clip-in profile accessory. It carries duty of carrying suspended ceilings.

Used in plasterboard suspended ceiling applications, suspension plate models are use for fixing the C profile to  ceiling. However, as a fastener, product use in construction sector mainly carries duty of transportation.

In addition, middle part of the gypsum board with both sides covered with cardboard is made of gypsum. In general, product used in interior allows easy design and different designs.

What are the materials use in drywall construction?

Drywall application with a decorative appearance has a wide usage area. Suspended ceilings, which are also prefer in house and work places, are resistant to water and fire. The lightweight material is fix to the location of the suspended ceiling using; hanging tongs and provides safety during the use phase. As well as being healthy and lightweight, they are suitable for long-term use due to their non-cracking properties.

Spot lighting applied in the spaces will be cleaner with plasterboard ceiling application. In addition, the system allows the elimination of electricity and cable pollution. The area in which the drywall application is to be made does not have to have any features.

In addition, the plasterboard hanging strap is attach to the strap wire. When the main carrier is mount on the C profile, a robust assembly is perform. A sufficient number of hanging tongs should be use; robustness should be achieve at the highest level while the drywall walls are not support by the carrier. C profiles should be pass to U profiles in the upholstery at maximum 60 cm intervals.

Suspended Ceiling Accessories

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Finally, fuga profile accessories make the job beautiful, quality, safe and convenient. Plasterboard accessories are an indispensable part of the work.


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