String Clips

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2505 Clip-in String Clips dcfix 2500 Pcs
2506 Clip-in String Clips dks 2500 Pcs

Clip in string clips; the lower clip-in profiles on which the plates are mount to the gypsum boards are fix to the upper carriers at each 60 cm with their mouths facing downwards.

Firstly, clip in string clips; Clip-in profile product mounted on suspended ceilings. Clip-in string clips T24 profile accessory.

In addition, the Clip in string clips the perfect accessory for suspended ceilings that can be use to secure the upper carrier and the subcarrier.

However, suspended ceiling string clip which is use during the installation of suspended ceilings, is made of durable and healthy material. This high performance product is available for sale at extremely affordable prices.

Clip in String Clips Product Features

String clips, one of the most important apparatus of suspended ceiling installation; It is use for fixing the top carrier and subcarriers mounted on the ceiling.

The durability of this material used in suspended ceilings is the most important feature in the product. Once installed, it does not cause any problems in the future. C profile clip made of stainless steel; heat, light, humidity, environmental conditions, such as without being adversely affected by years of durable use.

Furthermore, it provides protection in case of fire such as fire which can be produced with heat resistant product. This product, which does not lose its characteristic even at the highest temperatures, is a lifelike use.

Mounting of C profile clip

Its superior performance is carry out at approximately 60 cm intervals. This binding wire with top carriers must be fix so that the mouth portion faces downwards. This product, which does not create any problems when applied with the correct mounting technique, has an important role as a T24 profile accessory. Produced in homogeneous structure, this product is resistant to corrosion. The assembly is quite simple. It is also easy to disassemble.

Safe and High Quality Use

This wire clip product does not constitute a heavy load on the ceilings where it is produced from a very light material. In this respect, it has an important place in terms of earthquake safety.

This product is use safely in homes, offices or in hospitals including large areas, large restaurants and cafeterias, banks, shopping malls.

Thanks to the moisture resistance of the product, it is possible to achieve successful results in the kitchen and bathroom areas.

However, high-performance and secure clip in string clips prices are also very advantageous over the years.

Finally, the product price is taken into consideration in determining the mores. You can contact us for more detailed information about this high quality product or to place an order.


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