Suspended Ceiling Accessories

It has started its activities by producing, selling and exporting suspended ceiling, metal, gypsum board, construction and construction decoration suspended ceiling accessories.

Suspended ceiling is the common name given to the system which provides installation space for mechanical and electrical manufacturing under the existing reinforced concrete, steel construction or wooden ceiling frame. The materials used here are also called suspended ceiling accessories.

This system, which is formed by hanging horizontal profiles on the metal bars suspended from the existing ceiling, is terminated with gypsum board or decorative panels. Thus, a serious space saving is made in places where suspended ceilings are installed.

What is Suspended Ceiling? What are suspended ceilings?

Reinforced concrete structures with wooden and steel and construction roof frames are called as suspended ceilings. This system contains metal bars hanging from the ceiling. The system obtained by hanging on horizontal profiles is obtained with decorative and plasterboard panels. This system saves a lot of space. Generally it provides a decorative appearance. This system is made to provide heat and sound insulation. This structure, which is composed of stone wool and metal, is preferred in order to prevent the image which is not pleasant.

Aesthetic View

This application, which is quite common both in our country and in the world, is obtained with suspended ceiling accessories. Public service buildings, hospitals, stores, offices and public places are used as an aesthetic application. These applications provide practicality, especially in the food and health sector. These uses, which are preferred with their safe use, are also preferred in electronic, pharmaceutical, fiberotic and health systems.

Shock Protection

These systems used in corridors are also very resistant against impacts. These applications, which are highly resistant to moisture, are ideal in humid conditions. Their purpose of use may vary, and in these cases the price of suspended ceilings will vary. These systems provide access to the electrical installation and service pipes. This provides a more practical way for service personnel such as fire detectors, air conditioning, heating and ventilation. These works, which are quite suitable, are established easily and quickly. Cleaning is done in a very practical way. These applications also offer quite ideal options for lighting. Therefore, they play a critical role in energy saving. These sound-absorbing ceilings also reduce noise.

Increases working efficiency.

These applications, which reduce acoustic noise, increase working efficiency. Suspended ceiling models with high sound absorption feature provide sound insulation in rooms in accordance with the specified criteria. This is ideal for getting rid of disturbing situations. These applications, which can be used in individual and institutional areas with their effective use, are preferred with their advantageous results.