Wire with Hook Bend

Order Code Product Type Package Quantity
2302 20 cm 100 Pcs
2303 30 cm 100 Pcs
2304 40 cm 100 Pcs
2305 50 cm 100 Pcs
2306 60 cm 100 Pcs
2307 70 cm 100 Pcs
2308 80 cm 100 Pcs
2309 90 cm 100 Pcs
2310 100 cm 100 Pcs
2312 120 cm 100 Pcs
2314 140 cm 100 Pcs
2315 150 cm 100 Pcs
2320 200 cm 100 Pcs
2330 300 cm 100 Pcs

Wire to hook bend determines how low the suspended ceiling is from the surface carrier ceiling. It is also attach to the ceiling plug gypsum board profiles by means of hanger tongs.

Firstly suspend your suspended ceilings wire with hook bend. Certified and tested to meet maximum loads.

Secondly this product is use in various applications in the construction industry, including suspension luminaires, acoustic ceilings, gypsum ceilings, metal ceilings and more.

Provides many different anchoring possibilities. It is both strong and flexible. Steel suspension wires can be use in many suspension applications.

Certified power; Our hanging wire comes with the document from the source. For this reason, you can rely on the features of the product you purchase when you choose us for your hanger wire needs.

Hook suspension wires, suspended ceiling L suspension wire are also produced by electrolytically plating zinc ions on the surfaces of low-carbon wires and high-carbon bright wires.

Finally the zinc plating ratio on the surface (10–20 g / m2) varies.


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