Zerostar Plasterboard Zero Construction Unlabeled Uncovered Cover

Order Code Product Type Package Quantity
3720 200mm x 200mm x 12,5mm 10 Pcs
3730 300mm x 300mm x 12,5mm 10 Pcs
3736 300mm x 600mm x 12,5mm 10 Pcs
3740 400mm x 400mm x 12,5mm 10 Pcs
3746 400mm x 600mm x 12,5mm 8 Pcs
3745 450mm x 450mm x 12,5mm 8 Pcs
3750 500mm x 500mm x 12,5mm 8 Pcs
3760 600mm x 600mm x 12,5mm 8 Pcs


Zerostar plasterboard access panel cover, touch, movable, zero construction unlabeled box profile details can be apply in the design option.

Firstly zerostar plasterboard access panel uncovered cover features and price.


Aluminum inside and outside frame.

Zero construction (box profile) details that can be apply in the design option.

Zero construction (box profile) to enable the installation of mobile special design connection apparatus.

Screwless gypsum plate installation with special internal cover profile design and gluing system.

Also Surface can be paint without primer on the inner cover.

Removable swich system for touch opening.

In addition fully removable inner cover from outer cover.

Finally the wire to ensure that the inner cover remains constant at a certain angle.