Aerated Concrete Connection

Order Code Product Type Package Quantity
2901 40x50x150mm – 0,50mm 500 Pcs
2902 40x50x150mm – 0,80mm 500 Pcs
2903 40x50x150mm – 1,00mm 250 Pcs
2904 40x50x150mm – 1,20mm 250 Pcs
2905 40x50x150mm – 1,50mm 250 Pcs
2906 40x50x150mm – 2,00mm 250 Pcs

Aerated concrete anchors should be used in such a way that there is no gap between columns, bricks and walls or between the joints, that is, between the two materials.

First of all, it has become mandatory to use an aerated concrete connection.

How to Make Aerated Concrete Connection in Projects?

Firstly, according to the appearance of the curtain wall project, the specified openings and each floor slab concrete should be use as specified in details.

Three-dimensional adjustment of the aluminum or galvanized steel anchors in the joints attached to the building has been provided dilatasyon.

The carrier is use for attaching and transporting thermal glass or sandwich panels at the specified heights with the vertical elements.

The vertical bearing elements will consist of horizontal records connected with special fasteners.


The use of the material which is mentioned as wall support lathe or aerated concrete connection is very high.

In fact, the wall is use to fix the combination of bricks, ie concrete.

The areas to be use are very wide. It is necessary wherever people live. For example; it is use in homes, hospitals, workplaces, offices, companies, markets, markets, shopping centers (shopping centers), government offices, municipalities and wherever there is a wall you can think of.


  • Galvanized sheet material will made in three rows in each order. It must be apply to concrete with a nail gun.
  • After that galvanized sheet will be determine by starting from the column edge to the extent determine according to the range, by gun nail, and the inner and outer rows will be stagger.

Advantages of Use

Especially the connection of the girder wall connections with the anchoring will prevent the destruction of the walls in an earthquake and prevent all possible injuries.

Production Features

We produce wall support plate with galvanized perforated sheet metal.


Width 40 mm, Height 50 mm, Length 150 mm was produce.

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