Shim Head Screw + 8MM Wall Plug

Order CodeProduct TypePackage Quantity
28095,0×45 Yellow Shim Head Screw + 8mm White Wall Plug100 Pcs x 50
28105,0×45 Yellow Shim Head Screw + 8mm Yellow Wall Plug100 Pcs x 50
28115,0×45 White Shim Head Screw + White 8mm Wall Plug100 Pcs x 50
28125,0×45 White Shim Head Screw + Yellow 8mm Wall Plug100 Pcs x 50

How much money is taken from the shim head screw 8mm? Do you have wholesale prices, sizes, variations? What are the features? Is production sales in Istanbul?

Shim head screw 8mm plug set with thread head.

Screw size is 5.0 × 45 mm.

The packing quantity is 50 × 100 pieces.

Shim Head Screw 8mm Plug Set Features, Sizes, Prices

Available with four pointed dowels and 45mm screws. Gypsum board, suspend ceiling systems are produce.

Especially our products are free to use in electrical channels, junction boxes, gypsum board, wall units, wooden products and various other places where your mind can take.

Also it is the product use for light or medium weight connections.

After that please give your order 100 or multiples! In other words if you want to order, you can call us from our phone number by entering the communication menu.


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