Shim Head Wall Plug Screw 5,0x45mm

Order Code Product Type Package Quantity
2701 Yellow 200 Pcs x 30
2702 Yellow 500 Pcs x 12
2703 Yellow 5000 Pcs x 1
2704 White 200 Pcs x 30
2705 White 500 Pcs x 12
2706 White 5000 Pcs x 1

The shim head wall plug screw price and high performance in terms of properties for plaster boards; The screw head screw used in the suspended ceiling installation is 5×45 mm in size and white and yellow.

Shim head wall plug screw or screws; The screwing and joining elements used in the suspended ceiling mountings are the elements that play the most important role in the durability of the suspended ceiling. Especially the screw head screw used in screwing operations also without the use of washers; The most important task in joining and assembly of ceiling parts. In the process of joining to the ceiling in terms of flooring to the profile or tree elements; the width of the head portions becomes more efficient.

The suspended ceiling screw used in decorative suspended ceiling mounts is use in hidden sections or in visible parts; it should primarily provide support in terms of visuality when aiming for soundness. The suspended ceiling screws designed for this purpose are produce as elements that are large and can be adapt to the color of the suspended ceiling.

Suspended Ceiling Reinforcement Shim Head Wall Plug Screw 5.0 x 45 mm

In order to ensure the safe use of the suspended ceilings for a long period of time; the joining elements must first give confidence in this regard. In this way, it should be permanent against the pressures that will occur in the vertical position by using the wall plug screw in the most appropriate way to the holes to be opened. The shim head wall plug screw price and types of the printheads that are prepare and ready for use are calculated by calculating the weight that will arise from the integrity of the ceiling in the suspended ceiling assemblies.

All the details considered during the production phase in order to create a solid structure on the ceiling surface of the suspended ceiling parts. Used wall plug and other connecting elements from tooth structures to head structures; After all the necessary checks carried out, the ceiling installation stage is start. In this way, the suspended ceiling reinforcing elements provide the highest performance at the point of use.

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Decorative Suspended Ceiling Mounting Elements

The most important issue in the installation and assembly of suspended ceilings is that the joints do not swing and loosen over time. Based on past experiences, this feature is mostly encountered after decorative suspended ceiling installation; In particular, the use of head wall plug screws as decorative elements for suspended ceilings is becoming widespread.

In such processes, the importance of the head of the screws is more noticeable differences towards the middle of the ceiling installation stage. If screws are not used in the proper design for screwing; the hanging ceiling is clearly visible between the sags and the parts. However, when using the most suitable style of head-mounted screw heads; suspended ceiling parts provide more firm attachment to the ceiling floor.


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