CD Bracket

Order CodeProduct TypePackage Quantity
24077 cm500 Pcs
241212 cm500 Pcs
241414 cm250 Pcs
241515 cm250 Pcs
242020 cm250 Pcs
242525 cm250 Pcs
243030 cm250 Pcs
243130 cm (1,00 mm)250 Pcs
244040 cm200 Pcs
244140 cm (1,00 mm)200 Pcs
245050 cm100 Pcs
245150 cm (1,00 mm)100 Pcs
246060 cm100 Pcs

Bracket is use for fixing plasterboard partition wall profiles to the wall.

Firstly Ceiling Bracket is a plasterboard accessory.

We are the only manufacturer of ISO, CE and OHSAS quality certificates among producers. Also called mitts.

What are the Ceiling Mitts used for?

What is Agraf? to adjust the distance to the ground by adjusting the distance. Their profiles act as a wall-fixing material. Partition wall supports C profiles.

This product measures from 7 cm up to 60 cm. In other words, we recommend you to choose the right size.

We would like you to contact us by phone or e-mail for a price.

You can also take a look at the connection piece model of this product.


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