Steel Suspended Ceiling Anchor

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2501 Steel Suspended Ceiling Anchor 1000 Pcs

Steel suspended ceiling anchor is zinc-plate against corrosion. It is use in the mounting of hanging ceilings which are support with hanging piece. The short hole depth ensures fast and safe installation with a small hole diameter.

Firstly steel suspended ceiling anchor suspended ceiling conveyor systems remain the leading carrier elements in the construction sector. The underlying factor behind the most preferred products is clearly a particular quality.

Secondly in the sense of this qualification, the ceiling anchor; it is very strong against any rusting and displacement with the screwing system. The strength is quite high.

When these aspects are considered, the main elements of suspended ceiling systems are; it will become clearer in all its lines.

In addition these suspended ceiling systems are among the other qualities they continue to provide. In order for the ceiling conveyor systems to reflect one another; ceiling anchor is one of the leading products of the construction sector at very economical prices.

Fast and Safe Mounting

As one of the properties of steel suspended ceiling anchor; it allows the person to install completely fast and completely safe. This feature is different between the specified features.

When reflecting on all the characteristics of the product in question; It is seen that suspended ceiling dowels have both fast and safe installation.

Zinc Plated Feature Against Corrosion

Being a stainless steel suspended ceiling anchor is another feature.

It is produce as a stainless anchor against corrosion and completely coated with zinc.

Ceiling anchor systems; Preserves up to 8 microns.

All these features of the said suspended ceiling system; The most remarkable elements in terms of revealing how one of the leading systems reflects.

Long Lasting

Suspended ceiling anchor are as strong as stainless. For this reason, they are not as natural as they have a long life.

Suspended ceiling anchors are also economical when their prices are taken into consideration. For this reason, the secret behind the use of suspended ceiling carrier systems is revealed.

This reflects the outstanding situations in terms of the fact that the suspended ceiling anchor price is one of the highlights.

All of this is a feature of the steel ceiling anchor, which is completely a leading feature.


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