Clip in Sheet Iron Quick Hanger

Order Code Product Type Package Quantity
2503 Sheet iron quick hanger 1000 Pcs

Clip in sheet iron quick hanger L is attach to the ceiling with the suspension wire. Strengthens the connection between the profile and the ceiling.

Firstly sheet iron quick hanger, Clip-in is profile accessory. However, it is a suspended ceiling and T24 profile accessory.

Sheet Quick Hanger Features, Quantity, Prices

The sheet hanger tongs are the profile accessory approve by the masts of suspended ceilings. Master vine pavers have always expressed the importance of this piece.

The number of hair hangers is 1,000 pieces. We also recommend that you place your order in the form of 1000 and multiples when you want to place an order. Please contact us for the prices of the sheet hanger tongs!

You can have a look at our product in order to get detailed information about hanger materials.


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