Drywall Saw

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2900 Drywall Saw 16 Pcs

The thick drywall saw is extremely rigid for better cut control. Saw teeth are aggressive for the fastest and understated elegance.

Wooden and ergonomic handle provides comfort control. Proaks drywall saw; Roughing of drywall is sometimes use for cutting HVAC, plumbing and electrical, ceiling tiles.

It can cut hardened, drywall, wood or bladed board, referred to as a wall card saw. The push and pull blade is thicker than plan saws for straighter cuts with less binding. The handle is double mold on one side for comfort. An essential product for professionals who want a high quality and durable saw.

Dimensions of drywall saw; The mouth part is 16.5 cm, the handle part is 13.5 cm, the whole is 30 cm.

Drywall Saw with Carbon Steel Blade

Duty Type: 6″ heavy duty carbon steel blade saw.
Also as a usability masonry saw, this saw easily cuts drywall, wood and wood board.
Comfort: It has a double molded mold with ergonomic wooden handle.
Lightness: Lightweight fatigue-free design.
High Performance: With its sharpened tip and hardened steel teeth, this saw is a top quality tool.


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