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Drywall Materials

Manufacture of drywall materials, suspended ceiling profile accessories, sale of materials, export of products, details of materials

Plasterboard profile accessories are drywall materials or products used in suspended ceilings.

Our company has started its activities by producing, selling and exporting gypsum board profile accessories. Products in suspended ceilings, gypsum plasterboard materials, parts, details.

Construction Sector Drywall Profile Materials

Plasterboard is one of the basic elements of the construction sector. It is a material that can be used in almost every place, without allowing us to notice inside or outside space, and to provide us freedom of use.

In addition to being a durable material, it also adds color to our places as decorative. If you wish, you can bring a different breath to your space with plasterboard sheets, or you can reach the level you desire for the insulation of your building. When the plasterboard, which is one of the indispensable materials of the construction sector, is mention, it is necessary to mention the plasterboard profile accessories.

When you are visiting a place, you look at the overall image, especially if you are far from the construction sector, rather than the details, the structural view is more interesting. For this reason, you don’t notice the fine details in the design of the materials used, while construction or later restoration. Yet everything is in detail.

From sound and heat insulation of the space to fire resistance. You can look at the empty walls, but you don’t know what stages the walls are going through until you see them! Or how did your suspended ceiling or decorative wall dots, which you have designed by re-projecting, become so? The secret of all these is hidden in the magic accessories of high-quality gypsum boards. Gypsum board profile accessories are the invisible heroes of all beauties and quality work.

What are drywall materials?

  • CD Bracket
  • Suspended ceiling anchor clip
  • Steel suspended ceiling anchor
  • Plugs and chipboard screws
  • Single-hole and double-hole hanger
  • Hook and round hanging wires
  • CD Connection Piece for profiles

To mention the most important of the drywall profile accessories, the slides are includ. Gypsum board walls, which are call as wall covering, is the process which is carry out as a result of the installation of plasterboard sheets together with the wall materials. Moreover, compared to the wall arrangement applied with plaster, it has extremely fast and clean workmanship. Before the walls are mount on the wall, their location is determine and the places to be fix will be expose. In the following stages, the wall plugs and scaly screws, which are the other gypsum board profile accessories, enter into the work. After fixing the blades, the edges are curled to fit the profiles. And finally, plasterboard wall profiles are place on top of the paper. Hospital, school, office, avm, such as all kinds of housing you can think of with this system is possible to complete the wall.

Optionally, after the glues are fix, stone wool, glass wool or styrofoam materials can be place between the gypsum board profile and the graft to provide sound and heat insulation.




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