Proizo Inner Cover Profitable

Order CodeProduct TypePackage Quantity
3520200mm x 200mm x 12,5mm10 Pcs
3530300mm x 300mm x 12,5mm10 Pcs
3536300mm x 600mm x 12,5mm10 Pcs
3540400mm x 400mm x 12,5mm10 Pcs
3546400mm x 600mm x 12,5mm8 Pcs
3545450mm x 450mm x 12,5mm8 Pcs
3550500mm x 500mm x 12,5mm8 Pcs
3560600mm x 600mm x 12,5mm8 Pcs

Proizo inner cover profitable revision cover, touch, aluminum inner outer frame special duct design providing insulation, assemble bristle wick.

Firstly features of Proizo plasterboard touch access panel.

Proizo Plaster Plate Revision Cover Specifications

  • Aluminum inside and outside frame,
  • Fitting between the inner cover and the outer cover with special channel design providing dust and light isolation,
  • Also removable swich system for touch opening,
  • Fully removable inner cover from outer cover,
  • However wire system to keep the inner cover constant at a certain angle.


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