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Noise Control

Our company has started its activities by making noise control materials, products, selling and exporting in suspended ceilings in the noise control sector.

Noise control materials come to the fore as a factor or product that prevents noise in all buildings, especially in the suspended ceilings of shops workplaces.

Particularly, there is a high volume of sound in the workplace. If this noise comes out, serious noise pollution can occur. Noise control is required to avoid this. The sound insulation and noise control in buildings are based on a system that keeps the sound in place. With the latest technology, no matter what the size of the sound, it can only remain within the limits of the apartment. There are many noise-canceling products for this situation. The most preferred of these products is the isoagraf material used in the suspended ceilings of the work places.

Noice Control Acoustic Hanger
Noice Control Acoustic Hanger

Advantages of Noise Canceling Products

The negative effects of noise on human health are prevented by minimizing the damages. In addition, the sound of any business environment that requires serious noise to other homes and workplaces are easily prevented from overflow; A comfortable working environment is provided. Thus, living in a comfortable and comfortable environment is felt. Some products are processed to prevent vibration between buildings and buildings. However, it is not sufficient. The most accurate and precise result in sound insulation is to prevent the sound from passing through. This is the isolation system which is provided with various flooring and sponges.

Noise Canceling Products and Features

In the category of noise-canceling materials in buildings, there are usually propellers used in suspended ceilings and providing acoustic sound insulation. These propellers distribute the sound in order to prevent the sound from escaping from the inside. These products are called isografts. The product has the task of preventing vibrations in the ceiling and walls. Vibration between the floors is prevented and the possibility of noise pollution in the upper floors is eliminated. In some offices or even in flats, fireproof acoustic sponges are used. These sponges are laid on the walls to cover even the smallest openings and prevent the sound from overflowing. These sponges are non-flammable. Another insulation product is the acoustic panels which are used especially in meeting rooms and cinema halls and provide decorative elegance. They are durable and durable. The inner surfaces are covered with glass feathers. That’s why they never let the sound out. There are thousands of kinds of products in the noise-canceling materials category that are used in cases where sound insulation is required. Among these varieties, preference is made and used according to the characteristics of the environment.




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