PB Plastic Plug 8mm

Order Code Product Type Package Quantity
2611 Transparent 1000 Pcs x 25
2612 Transparent 500 Pcs x 50
2613 White 1000 Pcs x 25
2614 White 500 Pcs x 50
2615 Yellow 1000 Pcs x 25
2616 Yellow 500 Pcs x 50
2617 Blue 1000 Pcs x 25
2618 Blue 500 Pcs x 50


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Firstly the Pb plastic plug is a wall mount device that can be use when it cannot be mount on the wall.

Pb anchor size is 8 mm. Packed in 500 pieces and 1000 pieces, it is offer to our valuable customers.

After that please send us an e-mail for the price of Pb plastic anchor.

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