Zeproline Zero Constructed Surface Covered with Plaster Cover

Order Code Product Type Package Quantity
4120 200mm x 200mm x 12,5mm 10 Pcs
4130 300mm x 300mm x 12,5mm 10 Pcs
4136 300mm x 600mm x 12,5mm 10 Pcs
4140 400mm x 400mm x 12,5mm 10 Pcs
4146 400mm x 600mm x 12,5mm 8 Pcs
4145 450mm x 450mm x 12,5mm 8 Pcs
4150 500mm x 500mm x 12,5mm 8 Pcs
4160 600mm x 600mm x 12,5mm 8 Pcs

Zero construction surface with plaster concealed cover