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Roof Connection Products

Our company is a company specializing in the production of clasps, saddles, materials quality and prices for roof connection products, materials, elements, metal clamped roofs for the products.

Roof connection materials are products use in all spaces. It is use in roof-related products, elements, homes, offices, companies, artisans, shops.

Roofs; There are 5 types of wood, reinforced concrete, steel, zinc and roof tiles as roofs.

We are a company specialize in the production and material quality of the clips that are need for the application of metal clamp roofs. As a result of our R & D studies, we have created near perfect roof products. We are specialize in moving, fixed clips for roofs, saddles for panels.

Most Durable Roof Connectors

In today’s modern architecture, the roofs are very important. In order to provide the desired isolation on the roofs, it is also very important to heat the building.

Roofing applications are differentiate every day and different roofs are produce from different materials. Today, zinc, steel, such as steel roof can be produce. Roofs are also manufacture from reinforce concrete elements and wooden structures. All roof manufacturing needs to be paid attention to roof connection units. Because the roofs must have a high rate of water insulation and heat insulation. Therefore, the roof connection products used must have a great resistance against corrosion and moisture.

The clamp roof clip between the products is a metal apparatus that clamps the materials of the roofs together. Since it has a reinforced metal structure, it provides long-term use even in climatic regions with the highest precipitation. The panel saddle comes into play during the roof production. It is also one of the most important roofing materials. The sandpaper used in the manufacture and assembly of sandwich panels prevents the sandwich panels from being damaged and twisted. As it has high resistance against external factors, it offers waterproofing guarantee.

Durable Roof Connectors

The integration of all elements used in roofs is highly sensitive. Roof connection materials that will be activate at this point. They must provide a high degree of retention and a great resistance to climatic factors. The plastic panel saddle used at this point is one of the most practical applications. It is made of polyurethane material. It has a structure that does not crack and does not deform even in hot climates and the coldest regions. The plastic panel saddle, which connects sandwich panels and other roofing materials, can be produced in different sizes and can be used even on the largest roofs.

One of the most important issues in roof construction is the quality and durable production of gutters. Trapezoidal saddles are use in the installation of trapezoidal hair gutters which are activate during the evacuation of snow and rain water in the roof. In addition to high water tightness, there is also the possibility of screw fixing.

Roof connection product models are manufacture from resistant materials and are produce with highly professional quality and offered to our customers with economical and reasonable prices.




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