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Panel Fence Systems

Our company panel fence system accessories in 2007 in Istanbul Turkey in the metal sector, has started its operations by selling and export. Proaks panel fence accessories specifications, dimensions, price?

In practical solution used garden panel fence are important in Turkey. Garden integrity, design, layout, differences, areas of use are important.

Usually areas where panel fences are use. The industrial zone is use around the hospitals in order to encircle the surrounding environment.

Panel fence prices, square meters are made according to the account. The square meter price is notified, the total area is reported and the total price is multiplied by both.

The fence materials, which are prefer with their aesthetic and elegant structure, are generally produce in dark green color. This is because the use of grass fence products and the dark green color become popular. Our company manufactures special fence system for the gardens of sites and public institutions.

Overlays for many years

In the fence category, panel fencing products cover with pvc immersion system are completely far from the deterioration cause by adverse weather conditions. These fence products produced with today’s technology are shape with the same design. Then, the combine pvc coated wires are attach to the poles by means of a clip. These products, which are preferr with their durable properties, have non-corrosive properties.

Panel fence systems, in addition to being economical, with their decorative appearance, are difficult to overcome fence systems. Panel fence systems which have emerged with the beginning of fencing systems in our social life have very high quality features.

Effective Service Understanding of Our Company

Our company, the fence will be made by taking the dimensions of the site, from the catalog you want to produce the fence systems immediately. After the manufacturing part is finish, panel-shaped fences begin to be mount on the poles mount on the wall. In this installation, the clip system is very important.

In the fence systems, the panel fences, which have practical usage and mounting features, are also compatible with the ivy works. Whether they are live or artificial, these fences, which form a high quality integrity with ivy, have features that are compatible with decor works. Because of its elegant and aesthetic appearance, it does not create any problems in terms of appearance.

In the category of fence products, pvc coated products maintain their color properties for a long time. Razor wire or barbed wire application can also be add on these fences. Apart from the application of barbed or razor wire, outward inclined wire works also deter thieves. If you want our company, the panel can make the fence cage. These fences with color options can also be produce with their motif features. There are also panel fences with motifs on the upper part. These fences, which are prefer with their practical usage characteristics, are a very economical solution for the conversion of large gardens. The best solution is the panel fence systems, whether it be decorative appearance or use characteristics, in wall upgrades. These panel fences are more preferred than conventional fences with diamond patterns.

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