T24 Profile

Sipariş Kodu Ürün Türü Paket Miktarı
2901 T24 600 mm 75 Adet
2902 T24 1200 mm 50 Adet
2903 T24 3600 mm 25 Adet
2904 L Köşe 3000 mm 50 Adet

T24 profile is a manufacturer, manufacturer and exporter of profile systems. Since 2004, we have been serving in the building sector accessories; with the ergonomic technology system manufactured in the factory in Istanbul.

Firstly; T24 profile accessories are use in hospital, building, workplace, houses, bakeries.

We are a suspended ceiling company that produces high quality products. However, it has become a company that adds success to its success and service.

After that, you can visit our product to find out the details for pvc suspended ceiling panels which are compatible with T24 systems.