PVC Suspended Ceiling

Order Code Product Type Package Quantity
2910 Cloud 20 Pcs
2911 Star 20 Pcs
2912 Honeycomb 20 Pcs
2913 Square 20 Pcs
2914 Marble 20 Pcs
2915 Elite 20 Pcs
2916 Plain White 20 Pcs

Pvc suspended ceiling or composite panel is name in the category to have different suspended ceiling image. Workplaces are use in hospitals, offices, companies, shops. You can have panels with flowers, cloud shape, ring, square stone images and stars.

Pvc suspended ceiling or composite panel materials always attract interest. Because when we want different decorations, it is one of the first things we will do to beautify our vine ceiling.

PVC Suspended Ceiling Types for Business and Offices

Nowadays, many solutions are produce in order to provide a more elegant and decorative appearance of workplaces, offices and various usage areas. The products we call pvc panel in the construction and construction industry come to the fore as the most practical and economical coating solutions. Since it is made of PVC materials; products with ease of manufacturing can be convert into composite panels with different color alternatives.

In this way, durability and strength are kept in the foreground in all PVC panel types in the production portfolio. The biggest advantage of using a pvc suspended ceiling panel is its high resistance to moisture and water. Due to its resistance against water and moisture compared to other coating solutions; it can be easily used in all climatic conditions. In addition, the color alternative is also broadly convert into a decorative solution.

Stylish Composite Panel Models

In interior reproduction and partitioning, PVC suspended ceiling panel coating solutions are use. In particular, the practicality and decorative appearance of the PVC panel stands out in the production of suspended ceilings.

PVC composite panel with flowering in composite panel models creates a magnificent view in offices and workplaces in hospitals.

With its colorful texture on the ceiling; it creates a remarkable appearance and carries the options such as illumination along with the LED panels to be place underneath. The production and assembly of the composite panels are very practical.

Especially in hospital rooms, in the children’s rooms in the house to create a magnificent appearance with the lighting solutions that come behind the decorative image creates. A ring composite panel is generally use to protect the hygiene standards of the establishments such as restaurants and cafeterias. Stylish design is place in the foreground with the interlocking colored rings. In this way, the dimensions of the pvc panels are 59,5 cm x 59,5 cm. With this aspect; it offers ease of use in all kinds of environments from the smallest structures to the larger interior spaces.

In addition, for those who desire a more natural look; the square stone composite panel in pvc panel models stands out with its prominent appearance.

For suspended ceilings, we recommend that you take a look at our subject since you will need suspended ceiling materials when purchasing from these panels.