Access Panel Proline Plasterboard

Access Panel Proline
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Access Panel proline plasterboard, touch ergonomic technological systems are produced in Istanbul and serve the construction sector.

The access panels is that the quality and the differences are even more considerable with the developing technology of the century we are in; We are in the race of time, months, days, in short, time.

The increasing importance of productivity and solutions, constantly determining the better and attention-grabbing details affects every aspect of life as well as the construction industry. Nowadays the Access Panels provide fast and economical solutions for these precise locations.

Construction Sector Access Panel

It is produced according to the space and the detail which is used to hide the vital components such as control panels, water valves, natural gas valves, electrical control panels, ventilation panels, and aesthetically in order to provide the image integrity in the places used in the construction sector.

Our doors, which are usually made of two aluminum frames, can be produced as inner and outer frames and the inner access panel can be completely separated from the outer door in all our models. The inner lid can be produced by combining with gypsum plate, aluminum, square honeycomb, mdf, acoustic panel and double gypsum plate according to the places to be used again.

Proaks Touch Access Panel

The Proax lid has a detachable swichli (touch) hinge system and has an ergonomic wire system that prevents the inner lid from falling. Our models with "zero construction" have their own unique movable fixing system. Proaks Access Panels are manufactured with CE certification that sets European standards and have the highest quality certificate in the region that we have.

It is produced as a special measure according to the details in the rooms and continues to offer solutions in the leading projects of Turkey today with the relation of rapid supply and unconditional customer satisfaction.

Access Panel Features

  • Aluminum interior and exterior frame
  • Installation of inner access panel plaster plate with screw
  • Removable switch system providing touch opening
  • Fully removable inner access panel the outer access panel
  • Wire system that keeps the inner lid fixed at a certain angle
  • Access Panel 170 x 170 mm and upwards, special dimension manufacturing can be done.
  • 'All of our products' aluminum part is Ral 9010 electrostatic powder painted.
  • All of our products have a touch-lock system and a special hinged inner lid system which can be separated from the outer lid completely independently.
MK.PLA.0001 200mm x 200mm 10 Pcs
MK.PLA.0002 300mm x 300mm 10 Pcs
MK.PLA.0003 300mm x 600mm 8 Pcs
MK.PLA.0004 400mm x 400mm 10 Pcs
MK.PLA.0005 400mm x 600mm 8 Pcs
MK.PLA.0006 450mm x 450mm 8 Pcs
MK.PLA.0007 500mm x 500mm 8 Pcs
MK.PLA.0008 600mm x 600mm 8 Pcs